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BE Group 1st day at CWW 2022

April 5th 2022, Egmond aan Zee

This was the first of the four days of CWW conference and after the Plenary Opening Session our team was present at the Uncertainty in risk assessments (onshore) session.

After lunch it was our own turn to make the stage and Miguel Mascarenhas and Helena Coelho both presented in Planning issues session (Room 522):

  • Can a strategic approach improve practices? A case study in NE of Brazil, Miguel Mascarenhas

  • Regional divergences of the EIA process in Brazil. Case study when licensing wind farms, Helena Coelho

Later in the afternoon it was time to present our posters. We will talk about them in another blog post.

Finally, but before dinner, we had time to wrap up everything for tomorows workshop we will be hosting at 8:30 in Room 558

  • Why mortality thresholds definition is so difficult?

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