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As an environmental consulting company, Bioinsight is moved by the principals of sustainable management and social responsibility. To do so, we bet in a proximity and communicative approach as key factor to our, and our partners, success.

In order to focus on our mission of creating value for both our clients and Environment, we offer several solutions and services.

Services We Provide

If your issues involve environment, we have an answer!

We provide environmental services for various needs and projects:

Environmental Impact Assessment
Biodiversity Monitoring
Economic Valuation of Biodiversity
Mitigation, Compensation / Offsets
Biodiversity Management Planning
Scientific & Technical Advisory
Due Diligence

Why Bioinsight?


Our team is committed in providing sustained assessments to our clients' projects. We have a multidisciplinary team with extensive background in impact assessment, biodiversity monitoring and management.


We believe that for new problems new solutions are necessary. That's why our team focuses in finding innovative solutions customized for each projects' characteristics.


For the past eleven years, Bioinsight has been involved in several projects in Europe and South Africa.

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