Tiago Neves

Fauna Ecologist

Tiago Filipe Neves is graduated in Biology and holds a MSc inNatural Resources Management and Conservation.. The interest in natural resources management and the importance of compatibility between conservation and exploitation, led him to make his master thesis on fish populations and river flow management, in particular on the effect os flow regimes in the behaviour of fish fauna. 

Tiago has been working since 2012 in monitorization and evaluation of environmental impacts, collaborated in more than 50 projects, having worked a bit with all animal groups, in particular with fish and aquatic mammals.

Tiago always invested in his education and professional growth and in 2014 has participated in Iberian Conference of Ichtiology, in which he presented his master’s thesis, and collaborated in presenting a poster at the same meeting. Over the years he also acquired skills in Geographic Information Systems and in ecological evaluation under the guidelines of Diretiva Quadro da Água.

Tiago’s main functions are related with field work in Ichtyofauna and Mamofauna, as well as helping the costumers understand what are the effects that the implementation of their projects (e.g: dams), can have on this faunal groups, and provide the best solutions to minimize the potential impacts.

Main working areas or relevant skills: Writing technical reports, Analysis of field data, Field  work in fishes and mammals, Geographic Information Systems.

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Relevant Publications

Alexandre, C. M., Almeida, P. R., Neves, T., Mateus, C. S., Costa, J. L., & Quintella, B. R. (2015). Effects of flow regulation on the movement patterns and habitat use of a potamodromous cyprinid species. Ecohydrology.

Author: “Seasonal Movements, Home Range Extension and Micro-Habitat Use of the Iberian Barbel Under Natural and Regulated Flow Conditions” at V Jornadas Ibéricas de Ictiologia.

Co-author: “Rehabilitation of River Mondego For The Diadromous Fish: Na Integrated Management Approach” at V Jornadas Ibéricas de Ictiologia.