BioBlitz Monsanto 2017

BioBlitz Monsanto 2017

Margarida Augusto and Paulo Cardoso, our colleagues at Bioinsight, are participating in the BioBlitz Monsanto 2017 next Saturday, September 23rd.

This initiative is part of the European Night of Investigators and Lisbon Biodiversity Route, and aims to discover and unveil the living beings hidden at Monsanto´s Forest Park.

As the study season changes from Spring to Fall, we want to find out if the observed biodiversity also changes. We need you to help us register as many autumn species as we can find in Monsanto. There are plenty of activities available, you may choose to participate in as many as you want.

All you have to do is bring a camera or a cell phone to take pictures, comfortable shoes, and water. Your participation is completely free!

Your help is very important. Will you accept this challenge?

You can get to know more here or by the email:

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