CWW2017 – Energy for a Cleaner and more Sustainable World

Miguel Mascarenhas at CWW2017

For those of you who followed our social media channels for the last couple of weeks, you witnessed our participation at CWW2017. Our participation in this 3-day conference, however, started way back, when the conference was on its Berlin edition in 2015. During that event, it was announced Portugal would host CWW 2017 and since then, Bioinsight actively participated and was highly committed with this organization.

In 2015, the economy still showed little signs of recovery from the crisis that ravaged Europe (with Portugal especially exposed) but still we decided to be part of this challenge, committing ourselves with a strong sense of responsibility towards the environment.

In a World which is currently shifting its energy sources, CWW (Conference on Wind energy and Wildlife impacts) is one of the most important global meetings on wind energy and wildlife protection. CWW presents the latest advances in technology and methodology in the evaluation, monitoring and mitigation of biodiversity impacts in the wind energy field.

As Miguel Torga, a twentieth century Portuguese writer, wrote:

I live nature, integrated within her in a way that sometimes I feel like a rock, dew, a flower or mist. No other event makes me feel so complete and fills my spirit with such a complete sense of perfectness and eternity.

We are certain that this conference is a key step to reconcile energy and economic development with nature, offering our contributions towards a cleaner, more sustainable world, and showing that we can coexist without imposing our presence.

Many people and institutions made this conference possible, even with limited resources, and we feel grateful and proud to be part of it.

See you all in 2019 in Scotland. Until then, you can take a peek at some images of the 2017 edition.

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