Bioinsight’s Road to CWW 2017

CWW 2017

We’ve already announced Bioinsight’s presence at the Conference on Wind energy and Wildlife impacts (CWW 2017), next 6 – 8 September.

We will contribute by sharing our experience and knowledge through several oral and poster presentations. In those presentations we’ll address several themes regarding wind energy and Bioinight’s ways to avoid wildlife impacts by this kind of energy, so we can go green on a sustainable way. We will talk about Camera-Trapping, Wind-Farms Monitoring and Mitigation Programs (with case-studies), Wolf Monitoring Plans, Detection Dogs, Birds and Bats Behavior, Fatality Estimations, among several others. To do that, we count with several partnerships and associations.

In the next few days we’ll uncover a glimpse of our presentations. If you’re interested, stay tuned on our social media updates. Until then, you can take a look at our trailer…

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