River Habitat Survey at Tagus Waterlines

Water Framework Directive is one of the most ambitious tools of European legislation, the main one of European Union regarding water supplies. Its implementation among Member States, intent to improve and recover all the surface water, aiming to achieve a good environmental status and so assure the management of all environmental aspects related to water in European area and guarantee its sustainability for the coming generations.

While evaluating ecological state/potential several quality indicators are used, namely biological quality elements, chemical and physicochemical elements and hydromorphological elements.

As part of this program, the waterlines ecological status scenario is evaluated periodically. One of the most commonly applied methodology is the River Habitat Survey (RHS), which evaluates aquatic habitats quality and riparian corridor disturbance. RHS uses simple yet valuable indicators from a well-established standardized protocol.

In the spring of 2017 Bioinsight joined a multidisciplinary team that carried out the characterization of the Tagus river valley and Western Creeks waterlines, under the Water Framework Directive. We visited some well preserved streams from central Portugal. Take a look!

To know more about River Habitat Survey (RHS) or any other issue biodiversity related, get in touch with us.

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