Bat Survey at Portuguese Northeast

This field action is under an ongoing monitoring project at the Portuguese Northeast region. Its main goal is to identify bat shelters within the study area so we can check if their level of use is having variations with the human action.

As we check the shelters we evaluate the presence of individuals and/or the existence of evidence of it (guano). When we find bats, we count them, take pictures and try to identify the specie.

Take a peek at our work.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Bioinsight’s job is extremely important for the Portuguese bat community conservation. These actions are carried out by specialized technicians, with great experience. The specie’s wellbeing is our only goal, so specific methods and technics are used during the process. That way we ask for the population’s good sense, visiting bat shelters (caves, mines, abandoned houses…) without the presence of specialized technicians, can be extremely dangerous both for people and bats (as other species). Bioinsight appeal, don’t go to bat shelters if not with experienced professionals.

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