Mammal Monitoring Survey in Northern Portugal

As part of a mammals monitoring survey, with emphasis on the Iberian Wolf and its preys, a Bioinsight biologists team has recently gone to Northern Portugal to collect data from camera trapping method as well as to replace those devices, in order to keep the ongoing study. In this work we also performed transects for the detection of presence of these animals.

Under this project scope, several indicators are under study, as so:

  • Spatial distribution of mammal species;

  • Frequency of occurrence of each present species;

  • Specific richness of study area;

  • Relative abundance of species...

With the evaluation of the afore mentioned parameters, we look to identify changes of specific richness and relative abundance in the mammal community, potential consequence of habitat loss and hypothetical disturbance caused by human activity.

Take a look at some of our best camera trapping images, gathered in this campaign.

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