Ecological Survey

Take a look at our ecological survey meant to detect evidence of carnivorous mammals’ presence.

This monitoring action aimed to analyze the individuals’ flow between populations, to assure the genetic diversity, indispensable for the long-term populations survival.

To do that, transects – path along which one counts and records occurrences of the species of study – are made, to collect evidence of local species as to characterize the place and its surroundings (for instance, vegetation density and height, and the existence of possible shelters).

In landscapes suffering of biodiversity loss, is crucial to take habitat preservation/recovery measures, as to foster the balance between human activity and the protection of biodiversity, this also comprising the carnivorous mammals’ group, some with protection status.

The target-species of this monitoring campaign were: the Red Fox; the Weasel; the Western Polecat; the Beech Marten; the Eurasian Badger; the Eurasian Otter; the Wild Cat; the Common Genet; and the Egyptian Mongoose.

We see this as a vital job in which we provide a valuable contribution to national economy and biodiversity, giving a step forward showing these aren´t irreconcilable or incompatible sectors, and that it is possible to evolve in a sustainable way, in harmony with nature, of which we are also part of.

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