Biodiversity Monitoring Campaign Using Camera-Trapping Technics

These amazing Camera-Trapping images were collected at a Bioinsight’ Biodiversity Monitoring campaign.

This sampling campaign in particular, allowed us to study the predator community (including those with scavenger habits), as other fauna species that occur at the center of Portugal. Using advanced techniques of automatic animal detection allow us to detect activity and/or behavior at the local communities almost in real-time, without the human presence disturbance.

With this campaign, we aim to improve knowledge about local fauna specially, as afore-mentioned, in the scavenger community, their specific diversity, diet habits and activity patterns in a spatio-temporal context, which may provide a great contribute to more accurate estimates related with flying vertebrate death by wind farms or power lines collision, which is very affected by the predators’ community (including scavengers) present at the study area.

Camera-Trapping is a process which consists in settle cameras in the field, equipped with infrared sensors which, when triggered by animal movement, shoot, capturing in photo or in video, the action taking place, allowing to obtain critical data about local wildlife. The images below are some of those used by Bioinsight’ Biologists, crucial to study biodiversity and to make important decisions based on local communities dynamic, their interaction with each other and, for instance, with human infrastructures.

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