Bioinsight's Team Was in Foz Tua Last Week!

Work carried out concerned otter community monitoring.

It was held last week, from 18th to 24th July, corresponding to the summer sampling survey. This task was carried out under the scope of the Faunal Ecological Monitoring Programme (PM02) of Hydroelectric Use of Foz Tua (AHFT). Twenty pedestrian transects (ground sections under study) were conducted. The work carried out concerned otter monitoring, corresponding to the dam fill up.

The AHFT is located within the Douro basin, in the terminal area of Tua river and its tributary Tinhela river, on the border between Bragança and Vila Real District, in the Carrazeda de Ansiães, Vila Flor, Alijó, Murça and Mirandela municipalities.

The defined sampling points were searched in a 600m section in order to detect, identify and record all indications of the species’ presence, including tracks and debris. This was carried out in detail with the aid of a flashlight by two experienced observers who inspected rocks, roots, walls, vegetation tufts, etc., in the river center and on its banks. The river banks were also sought for potential refuges (rocks, holes in trunks or between roots, etc.).

To ensure the representativeness/reliability of the data collected, depending on the distance traveled, the two observers always had to consider if three essential conditions were assembled: the occurrence of preferred habitat for the species, security sampling and technical experience in this methodology.

The data collected is now kept in Bioinsight’s installations for further investigation and study.

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