Bioinsight are at Sea Economy Journeys, in Sines!

The event starts today, July 8th, and will last until next Sunday, July 10th

Bioinsight is now attending the Sea Economy Days “Through New Seas” (Por Novos Mares | Jornadas da Economia do Mar) until Sunday in Sines’ Tecnopolo.

This event is meant to materialize a strategy to develop the uncountable potentialities represented by the sea, at this territory. At the moment in agenda is a platform of national and international partners, of different backgrounds and fields of sea economy, from those more conventional to those more innovative.

Until Sunday, July 10th, and occurring simultaneously with this event, will also take place a conference, a Sea Fair and a sustainable ships contest – the Aprovela Project Race.

This event, desirably the 1st of many editions, will be part of a contribute of this territory and its agents to achieve a national purpose!

You can know more about this event at its web page or in its Facebook page.

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