Bioinsight presents preliminary results of the Biosphere Reserve of Berlenga marine ecosystems valua

On the 14th May we have presented preliminary results on marine ecosystems valuation together with local agents from Peniche in an interactive and participative session

On the 14th May, Bioinsight has joined forces with Society for the Study of Birds (SPEA), a nonprofit scientific association, and several local agents of Peniche, to assess Marine Ecosystems services and functions in protected areas on a debate session held at the Escola Superior de Turismo e Tecnologia do Mar (ESTM; Peniche, Portugal). The project, "PASE Berlenga – Plan for the valuation of Services ecosystems functions of the Biosphere Reserve of Berlengas", coordinated by Professor Sérgio Leandro (ESTM) and developed in partnership with Bio3 and ESTM, partially overlap with the SPEA project: "Marine Ecosystem Services in Protected Areas", so the two sides agreed to hold a joint working session to join forces and potentiate synergies.

This session featured a first overview phase of both projects, followed by a presentation of preliminary results of the PASE Berlengas project. After this, a debate and working session with the following objectives was undertaken involving the two teams and local agents:

  1. Discuss and validate the results of the PASE Berlenga project;

  2. Identify and map marine ecosystems services of to the remaining area of the Special Protected Zone (SPZ);

  3. Identify the risks and opportunities associated to the services identified as priorities, as well as get the perception of agents with respect to the attributes of their value;

  4. Get the perception of agents with respect to classified areas (opportunity or threat to the supply and valuing the services of marine and coastal ecosystems in the study areas), particularly in terms of impact and dependence on hazardous areas and existing economic activities and potential.

This workshop was attended by 23 participants and produced results that will be incorporated in the respective projects. For all concerned, the results of these debate and working session will be presented here as soon as they are analysed by both teams.

Working session results:

Available soon

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