Sílvia Mesquita

Sales & Client Manager

Sílvia Mesquita is an Applied Ecologist that loves a good laugh and is always looking to challenge herself. At Bioinsight Silvia is responsible for the Sales and Client Management and is also actively engaged in the Business Development. To do so she focus her work on understanding clients and partners challenges and needs, creating ground for Bioinsight team to do what they know best: create sustainable solutions for business and biodiversity. 

Since 2001 Silvia got the chance of developing relevant professional skills such as ecology, fauna and flora survey programs, geographic information systems, mitigation and compensation programs, data analysis, impact assessment and economic valuation of ecosystem services. Silvia participated in hundreds of environmental impact assessments, monitoring programs, strategical environmental assessments and other consultancy services related to biodiversity. Since 2009 Silvia has been involved in the application of the European Birds and Habitats Directives over the environmental assessment of projects and plans and over the incorporation of the ecosystem services in the assessment and management of biodiversity. As a specialist, Silvia participated in the Working Group on No Net Loss of the Ecosystems organized by the European Commission and in the Road Test of the Weaving Ecosystem Services into Impact Assessment – A Step-by-step Method, published by the World Resource Institute.

Sílvia’s favorite hobby is to make her daughters laugh but she also likes nature photography, bird watching and to read a good book. She also enjoys travelling, meeting new people and cultures and a pleasant and constructive discussion over a cup of coffee. 

Main working areas or relevant skills: Project management, Environmental Impact Assessment, Strategical Environmental Assessment, Biodiversity Management and Planning, Ecological Monitoring, Geographic Information Systems.

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Relevant Publications

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