Sandra Rodrigues

Marine Specialist & Bat Ecologist

Sandra Rodrigues graduated in Environmental Biology and holds a MSc in Ecology and Environmental Management. She has acquired a wide range of marine and terrestrial sampling techniques and a global understanding these ecosystem during her 7-year career. She joined Bioinsight in 2013 and has participated in various projects, from marine monitoring and ecosystems valuation to freshwater sampling in rivers and dams. Her main role involve helping clients understand the ecological interaction of their projects and find solutions to decrease its impact in nature.

Main working areas or relevant skills: Bat ecology, Bat acoustic identification, Bat acoustic automatic identification (AnalookW), Spatial modelling, Ecosystem services valuation.

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Relevant Publications

Marques, T., Batalha, H., Rodrigues, S., Costa, H., Ramos Pereira, M.J., Fonseca, C., Mascarenhas, M., Bernardino, J. (2014). Understanding bird collisions at wind farms: An updated review on the causes and possible mitigation strategies. Biological Conservation, Volume 179, November 2014, Pages 40-52.