Ricardo Branca

Fauna Ecologist

Ricardo Branca is graduated in biology and has a master in Natural Resources Management and Conservation. The interest for the nature conservation and sustainable management of natural resources led him to become interest in this degree and to work in environmental management. Since 2012 participated mainly in projects focused on the freshwater fish conservation, flow management and monitoring of anthropogenic impacts on rivers. In this period Ricardo also developed his master thesis and acquired knowledge about the swimming performance and ecomorphology of Iberian fishes. His work provided new information that can be used in the projection of more efficient fishways in Iberian rivers. 

Main working areas and relevant skills: Field work in fishes and mammals; Data analyses and writing reports.

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Relevant Publications

Rehabilitation of River Mondego for the diadromous fish: an integrated management aproach. Pedro Raposo de ALMEIDA, Isabel DOMINGOS, José Lino COSTA, Catarina MATEUS, Carlos ALEXANDRE, Ana Filipa FERREIRA, Gabriela CARDOSO, Pedro FÉLIX, Esmeralda PEREIRA, Tiago NEVES, Ricardo BRANCA, Ana Filipa BELO, Felisbina QUADRADO, João FERREIRA, Ana TELHADO & Bernardo Ruivo QUINTELLA. SIBIC2014 - V Jornadas Ibéricas da Ictiología - Lisboa, Junho 2014.


Seasonal and daily movements of a Mediterranean cyprinid in a context of habitat fragmentation and flow regulation. Carlos M. Alexandre, Pedro R. Almeida, Ricardo X. Branca, Ana S. Rato, José L. Costa e Bernardo Quintella. Fish Passage 2015 – Holanda, Junho 2015.


Critical swimming speed of the southern straight-mouth nase Pseudochondrostoma willkommii (Steindachner, 1866), a potamodromous cyprinid from southern Europe. C. M. Alexandre, R. Branca, B. R. Quintella and P. R. Almeida.