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Moving forward with technology in 2022

In 2022 João Paula and Sandra Rodrigues expect technology will continue to play a key role for BE Group.

Technology has been used as main source to improve processes within the Group, to give a better service to the client and to resolve increasingly complex issues. Sandra even highlighted that when it is not possible to access freeware or paid software, it is even necessary for the RDI team to internally develop the necessary tools to respond to the challenges.

João also mentioned that one of the group's concerns has always been to find the best technological solutions to increase the volume of available information, thus ensuring greater decision-making capability.

As mentioned by their colleagues Paulo Cardoso and Gonçalo Costa, João and Sandra also mention the need to be able to reconcile technological and scientific advances with legal EIA procedures, as only then will it make sense to integrate these tools. On the other hand, they also mention that the volume of information produced also often generates numerous difficulties in terms of management and communication, which must always be secured.

Also in line with what was said in the previous podcast, we are moving towards the quantification of impacts on populations and, consequently, quantifying their mitigation and compensation. Not only the mathematical and statistical tools have evolved to respond to this challenge, but also the technology has reached a maturity that also allows it to follow this trend.

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