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12th episode - Conservation and Environmental Impact Assessment

This time in our podcast we had a special guest, Maria de Jesus Fernandes, Chairwoman of the Biologist Order in Portugal that was accompanied by Miguel Mascarenhas, Biologist, Environmental Specialist and Manager at Bioinsight and Emílio Roos - Biologist, Specialist in Environmental Licensing and Manager of Ecoa Ambiental.

Regarding the theme, our podcasters agree that Conservation and Environmental Impact Assessment are different concepts and tools as they differ in their objectives.

However, they also agree that there are many points of contact and it is possible to promote an equilibrium between both and even share resources.

Another aspect discussed was the fact that society tends to agree/sympathize more often with the results from a conservation project rather than with the result of an environmental impact assessment project. The reasons and motivations for that were discussed.

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