Pedro Pereira

Fauna Ecologist

Pedro Pereira is graduated in Biology and holds an MSc in Ecology, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Managment by the University of Aveiro. Since the beginning of his graduation Pedro became interested in mammals ecology, developing his MSc thesis based on habitat selection of medium-sized mammals. During his 5 years of professional career he has collaborated in over 30 projects of all phases of environmental impact assessment, obtaining large experience in fauna monitoring. During his career Pedro is still developing a special interest in bats, on which develops much of his current work.

Main working areas and relevant skills: Ecology of medium-sized mammals, bats and small-sized mammals  - their field detection and identification (direct and indirect methods); use of GIS in ecological studies; leading detection dogs in field; vertical works; speleology; analysis of field data; writing of technical reports.

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Relevant Publications

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Pereira, P.; Alves da Silva, A.; Alves, J.; Matos, M.; Fonseca, C. (2012). Coexistence of carnivores in a heterogeneous landscape: habitat selection and ecological niches.Ecological research,  27(4), 745-753.