Why would you need environmental services for biodiversity?

  • Due diligence​;

  • Compliance with performance standards (e. g. IFC);

  • Identify, prevent and/or minimize environmental constraints;

  • Undertake EIA process;

  • Monitoring;

  • Predict and avoid/mitigate impacts;

  • Construction follow-up;

  • Achieve No Net Loss/Net Gain;

  • Restore habitat...

Port Industry and Biodiversity

Impact Assessment and Monitoring

Port Industry may have a huge impact on aquatic biodiversity (and not only).

Bioinsight may help your company's investments to be environmentally sustainable!


How can we help?

  • Smart Sitting
    By means of an adequate cartography of sensitive marine and terrestrial habitats and communities, we can help avoid environmental issues since early stages of your project. This can either be done at macro or micro level;


  • Monitoring 
    Monitoring surveys allows for confirmation of species onsite and determine its activity patterns and distribution. This allows to construct density and sensitivity maps and better predict impacts so that they can be avoided. During operation phase, it allows to confirm the extent of predicted impacts;


  • Careful Planning
    We can advise you during your planning phase so that valuable information is integrated into your construction planning such as, for example, timing of specific activities to avoid sensitive periods of the most affected species;


  • Multidisciplinary Team
    We have a multidisciplinary and experienced team, ready to advise in all your questions.

Request our services:

Environmental Impact Assessment
Biodiversity Monitoring
Economic Valuation of Biodiversity
Mitigation, Compensation / Offsets
Biodiversity Management Planning
Scientific & Technical Advisory
Due Diligence

What to Monitor

  • Birds (Aquatic and Terrestrial)
    Birds are mainly disturbed during construction activities. However, nesting grounds of sensitive species and feeding areas should be also avoided;

  • Fish Communities
    This group can be affect by noise/vibrations from construction and are sensitive to pollutants that may be released. Monitoring of this community is important specially for commercial species;

  • Marine Mammals and Turtles
    Monitor occurrence and determine sensitive areas (such as feeding areas). During construction, certain activities should be avoided when mammal species are nearby. During operation phase, collisions are the biggest threat. For Turtles, lights  from the ports are of concern to the light sensitive species;

  • Habitats and Benthic Communities
    These should be souveyed and mapped so that sensitivity maps can be constructed. Destruction and alteration of habitat and benthic communities, are one of the most important concerns during port constructions and operation due to direct destruction. Alien species brought in ballast waters, are also a concern;

  • Pollutants
    Pollutants can be released into the water during construction and operation phase, and affect both biodiversity and public safety.