Margarida Augusto

Bat & Bird Ecologist

Margarida Augusto has an academic degree in Biology (BSc in Terrestrial Environmental Biology) and a master degree in Conservation Biology (MsC). In spite of her admiration by all nature, it was during her studies that she discovered her passion for bats. Then, she got specialized in bat ecology.

In seven years of professional career, cooperated in more than 100 projects as senior ecologist and sustainability consultant and biodiversity management. In many projects she was responsible for conducting Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Monitoring of priority species and terrestrial habitats, including knowledge of EU and African legislation.

Responsible for the terrestrial fauna component, namely bats but also with other groups (mamofauna, herpetofauna and avifauna).

All projects involved field work (in Portugal, Mozambique, Malawi and Angola), team management, data statistical analysis with cartographic support (GIS) and reports.

Main working areas and relevant skills: Design, implementation and project coordination of environmental impact studies and monitoring projects; Bat ecology; Fauna detection and identification (direct and indirect methods); Experimental design and statistical analysis; Writing technical and scientific reports and documents; Environmental sensitization activities; Helper at ichthyofauna surveys and river mussels.

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Relevant Publications

Rainho, A., Augusto, A. M., Palmeirim, J. M. 2010. “Influence of vegetation clutter on the capacity of ground foraging bats to capture prey.” Journal of Applied Ecology, 47:850-858. DOI:10.1111/j.13652664.2010.01820.x

Rainho A., Alves P., Amorim F. & Marques J. T. (Coord.). 2013. Atlas dos morcegos de Portugal Continental. Instituto da Conservação da Natureza e das Florestas. Lisboa. 76 pp + Anexos.




Augusto, A., Rainho, A, Palmeirim, J. 2008. “Bat winter activity: the influence of prey abundance”. XIth European Bat Research Symposium. Cluj-Napoca, Roménia.