Joana Santos

Ecologist & Terrestrial Ecosystems Specialist

Joana Santos has an academic degree in Biology Applied to Terrestrial Ecosystems (BSc) and in Ecology and Environmental Management (MSc). Her passion for nature conservation and biodiversity management led her to deepen the knowledge in these fields, counting more than 6 years of professional experience since 2009. Throughout her career she specialized in biodiversity management, particularly in the fields of offsets/compensation, habitat management, conservation biology and ecological monitoring, having worked in more than 25 projects.

By being part of the teams working in offset/compensation and monitoring projects, Joana has had the opportunity to consolidate her career from north to south of Portugal including several Natural Parks and Protected Areas (RN2000), including “Douro Internacional”, “Serra da Estrela”, “Serras de Aire e Candeeiros” (north/center) and “Baixo Alentejo” and “Serra do Caldeirão” (south). Here, she highlights the cooperation in offset/compensation projects (planning and implementation) aiming a wide range of endangered bird species in Portugal, as Bonelli’s eagle, golden eagle, black stork, eagle owl, peregrine falcon, red-billed chough, Montagu's harrier, black wheatear and also the  common kestrel. With these projects she improved her professional skills in biodiversity and ecosystem management and monitoring, as well as in the social components by working with local population (including local shepherds and hunters - game management) and contact with project developers aiming the reconciliation of human’s development infrastructures and biodiversity conservation. She works in different project development types, including wind farms, power lines and dams. 

Joana has also experience in team management and in ecological monitoring of different animal groups (terrestrial mammals and bats) and environmental impact assessments. Internationally, the highlight goes to the participation in an action plan aiming golden eagles, as a result of a wind energy development project in Finland.  

Main working areas or relevant skills: Project manager and team coordination; Design and implementation of monitoring and mitigation projects (especially offset/compensation); Local community awareness; Bird and bat ecology; Field detection and identification of inland mammals and birds (direct and indirect methods); Experimental design and statistical analysis; Writing and supervision of technical and scientific reports and documents.

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Relevant Publications

Mascarenhas, M., Bernardino, J., Paula, A., Costa, H., Bastos, C.A.C., Cordeiro, A., Marques, A.T.,  Marques, J., Mesquita, S., Paula, J., Pereira, M.J.R., Pereira, P., Peste, F., Ramalho, R.O., Rodrigues, S., Santos, J., Vieira, J., Fonseca, C. 2015.  Biodiversity & Wind Energy: a bird's and bat's perspective.  Bio3 and University of Aveiro. Aveiro, Portugal. ISBN: 978-989-20-5499.

Oral presentations

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