Joana Fernandes


Ever since Joana thought of what she wanted to be "when she grows up," she knew it had to be something about protecting wildlife. It was easy to understand that the way to follow would be Biology, and for that reason she graduated in the University of Coimbra in Portugal, having completed a master's degree in Ecology at the same institution. From the beginning of her career, Joana has participated in three voluntary biodiversity conservation programs: with sea turtles in Turkey, in a nature reserve in Spain and with the Iberian lynx in Portugal. In 2016, she joined Biodinâmica’s team in Mozambique, where she gave support in the preparation of technical reports for environmental impact assessments, ecological monitoring and habitat characterization; In the preparation and management of field trips; data analysis; use of GIS tools and in the preparation and facilitation of workshops. In October 2017, Joana joined Bioinsight team in Portugal, supporting the department of Scientific Expeditions.

In her day-to-day life Joana loves photography, traveling, activities in Nature and music.

Main working areas or relevant skills: Technical coordination, Environmental impact assessment, ecological monitoring, field work, logistics, planning, business development.

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