Gustavo Palminha

GIS & Database Specialist

Gustavo Palminha has Master in Geographic Information Systems - Technologies and Applications at the Faculty of Sciences of the Lisbon University and has also a Degree in Geography at the Faculty of Letters from the same university.

His career has always remained linked to GIS although the nature of the tasks were very different. He has been dedicating the last years to perform spatial analysis tasks and programming in order to attempt optimizing them. 

The project types he usually works on are diverse not limited to: land planning and management, research, scientific support and biodiversity surveys and assessments (which can include RADAR technology).

His professional interests are aligned with his professional path and also include remote sensing techniques and mobile computation.

While not working, he also likes to practice outdoor sports like football and running and follow up his club Sporting Clube de Portugal.

Main working areas or relevant skills: GIS, Spatial Analysis, Spatial Databases, Geography, Programming, Geomatics, Cartography, Remote Sensing, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Web Development and SQL.

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Relevant Publications

Bispo, R., Palminha, G. , Bernardino, J., Marques, T. & Pestana, D. (2010). A new statistical method and a web-based application for the evaluation of the scavenging removal correction factor. In Proceedings of the VIII Wind Wildlife Research Meeting, Denver, EUA.

Palminha, G., Costa, H. & Mascarenhas, M. (2011). Biodiversity Tracking System v2.0: an automated web tool for biodiversity surveying. Conference on Wind energy and Wildlife impacts. 2 a 5 de Maio, Trondheim, Noruega