Filipa Domingues

Commercial and Business Development Support

Filipa Domingues has an academic degree in Biology and holds a Master in Marine Biology, both by the University of Aveiro. Since Filipa was a child, she was an enthusiastic for molluscs’ biology, which lead her into a biology degree, developing the first study in Alborean Sea (Spain) about its benthonic macrofaunal in mud volcanos. Later, in her Master thesis, Filipa investigated the influence of the imposex phenomenon on the mollusc Hydrobia ulvae in Ria de Aveiro (Portugal). Although, Filipa always favoured management roles, so she co-founded a business that aimed to decrease the fuel consumption in vessels. As COO, she managed the operations and communications. Posteriorly, Filipa was a site manager in a marine scientific expedition, based in Akumal (Mexico).

Main working areas or relevant skills: Marine Biology, Team Management, Planning, Organization.

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