Dárcio Sousa

Fauna Ecologist

Dárcio Sousa is graduated in Biology and holds an MSc in Conservation Biology by University of Évora. Early in his life he developed an interest for freshwater environments, which led him to direct its academic research for aquatic ecology projects, during the field work carried out under the MSc's Thesis but also in other research projects, such as CLIMFISH and LIFE Saramugo.

Dárcio collaborates with the BioInsight group since 2011, which allowed him to extend its scope of action, acquiring skills in monitoring techniques and environmental impact assessment, arena where he already counts more than 50 projects. Concerning freshwater ecosystems, he has been consolidating knowledge in monitoring of the ecological quality through the sampling of biological elements, application of quality indexes and determination of physico-chemical parameters in situ.  He has worked with various faunistic groups, focusing in particular on fish populations, mammals and reptiles, and the work carried enabled him to further empower his skills in elaboration of technical reports and use of Geographic Information Systems tools.

Main working areas and relevant skills: Aquatic ecology: sampling of biological elements (fish, macroinvertebrates and diatoms) and data analysis in the implementation of the Water Framework Directive (WFD), sampling of freshwater mollusks, in situ determination of physical and chemical parameters. Extensive experience in the detection of mammals' tracks and signs (mainly micromammals and mustelidae) and sampling of reptiles; elaboration of technical reports; proposal elaboration; use of GIS tools.

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Relevant Publications

Matono P., Sousa D., Ilhéu M. (2013). Effects of land use intensification on fish assemblages in Mediterranean climate streams. Environmental Management 52 (5): 1213-1229.





Ilhéu M , C. M. Alexandre, A. Vareia and D. Sousa. Structure and persistence of fish assemblages during the dry-season in a temporary stream: the effect of hydrological conditions. Poster on the TEMPRIV - Symposium for Ecohydrology and Ecological Quality in Temporary Rivers. Évora, Portugal, 2012.


Sousa D., L. Quaglietta and M. Ilhéu. Patterns of movement and diel activity of the Iberian barbell (Luciobarbus bocagei, Linnaeus, 1758) in a temporary Mediterranean stream. Poster on the TEMPRIV - Symposium for Ecohydrology and Ecological Quality in Temporary Rivers. Évora, Portugal, 2012.


Sousa, D.  and Puga, J. 2013. Zoo Logical: Associação de inovação para o conhecimento, divulgação e conservação da fauna. II Biology Alumni Meeting. Évora, 2 de Abril de 2013, Portugal.

Dárcio at Field Work

Dárcio at Field Work

Dárcio at Field Work