Carmen Dionísio

Biologist, Office Manager, Ecologist and Ornithologist
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Carmen Dionísio has an academic degree in Biology (BSc), in Applied Ecology (MSc) and Ecology and Conservation (MSc). Throughout her professional and academic journey in wildlife research, she has been developing a great number of conservation and environmental projects during the last 6 years. Carmen has also experience in planning projects and teams, as well as leadership ability in their management.

She works as project manager and officer manager, responsible for administrative services and, for establishing contacts with technicians, customers and suppliers. She has also responsible for planning and for the logistics of teams and Projects in Portugal, Mozambique and South Africa. She has had the opportunity to consolidate her Biologist career from north to south of Portugal in different project development types, including wind farms, and environmental impact assessments, such as Avifauna Monitoring and Cartography of Biotopes in Tagus and Sado Estuary, or Monitoring of avifauna in the Serra dos Candeeiros Wind Farm and its over-equipping. In addition, the scientific projects that she has developed in the Brazilian Cerrado, as well as in the expedition at the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve - Mexico, allow her to easily implement protocols for the monitoring fauna, to manage and execute fieldwork activities.

Main working areas or relevant skills: Biology, Administrative, Planning and Logistics Officer, Ecologist and Ornithologist.

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