Ana Paiva

Flora & Habitats Specialist

Ana Paiva has an academic degree in Biophisical Engineering by University of Évora. 

Carries on her professional activity in the environment and conservation of biodiversity area, with over 12 years of experience since 2002. Specialist in botany (Flora and Vegetation) having worked in a large number of projects, particularly in the ecological monitoring component, impact assessment, land and compensation projects.

Her integration in conservation projects, monitoring and characterization of flora and plant communities allowed her to deepen knowledge about phytocenotic characteristics of relevant areas for nature conservation (Natural Parks and Protected Areas RN2000) including Sintra / Cascais, Serra da Arrábida, Ria Formosa, Alvão and Serras de Aire e Candeeiros, and many others areas of Natura 2000.

Throughout these areas collaborated in Land Management Plans, projects Life conservation [Life – Natureza III P\8480 Plano Nacional de Conservação da Flora em Perigo (1.ª Fase)], compensation projects (Monitorização e Medidas Compensatórias da A2, Troço entre Almodôvar e Via Longitudinal do Algarve).

Currently she improved her professional skills in biodiversity, participating in several projects, including wind farms, hydroagriculture and hydroelectric, resorts and golf, dams, among others.

She has participated in national projects, including Madeira and Azores islands, and international projects (Angola).

She also as experience in ​​Environmental Monitoring, Landscaping Projects, Digital Processing and spatial analysis in Geographic Information Systems (GIS ).

Main working areas or relevant skills: Flora and Vegetation monitoring, developed in wind farms; Field work to perform or update the mapping of flora, vegetation and natural habitats DH; Production of technical reports.

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Relevant Publications

Fonseca, J.P, A. Paiva, S. Chozas (2004): Guia das Plantas Aquáticas, publicado pelo Instituto da Conservação da Natureza. Lisboa.

Mendes, S., R. Paiva-Henriques, A. Gil, A. Paiva, C. Ribeiro, R. Teles & R. Dominguez (2002), Vegetation Cartography of Dunes Systems Between Tróia and Sines. 4th Meeting of Portuguese Phytosociology Association (ALFA), Vila Nova de Gaia, 11-15 Setembro, 2002, 10 pp.

Freire, M., R. Henriques, H. Carrão, A. Paiva (2001), Projecto Landfill - Concepção e Desenvolvimento de uma Aplicação SIG para a Localização de um Aterro Sanitário. Proceedings of the ESIG’2001-VI Encontro de Utilizadores de Informação Geográfica, Oeiras, 28-30 Novembro, 2001, 8 pp.

Henriques, R., M. Freire, H. Carrão, A. Paiva (2001), An automated approach to LANDFILL sitting and waste transportation costs. Proceedings of 16th ESRI European, Middle Eastern and Africa User Conference, Lisbon, 17-19 October, 2001, 8 pp.